Corporate identity

The Corporate identity of your company makes it possible to seduce your future employees, members and customers. It is the gateway to your business. It allows you to distinguish yourself greatly from your competitors thanks to its values, its symbol, its color and its actions. Tequila is able to clearly define your corporate identity.


The values ​​of your company mean to your competitors how strong and powerful you are. Values ​​are the conventional measure or your personality attached to your symbol, your logo. They determine your guideline and the behaviors to adopt. Example of values: quality, transparency, aesthetics. Tequila can determine your values ​​and it can also revise your guideline.


Your logo is the visual representation of the brand or message used to uniquely identify your company in order to differentiate you from others. The different artistic approaches must take into account the values ​​of your symbol, because it will sign each of your actions and related messages. Tequila can create the logo of your company and it can also redesign an already existing image.


Color is a simple identification of what you want to reflect. It is in the interest of a company to find a color since it allows a quick recognition of the visual identity. It also allows different receivers to quickly understand what you are talking about as a receiver. Tequila is able to find the ideal color of your business.


Whether it is through a television ad, a website or social media content; Your actions determine what you project as identity.

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