We expect our officers to be confident in their command

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It doesn matter in this case, but if it was reversed and WVU got the 1, then OU would get the 2 slot I believe, despite having the loss to the 4 team.

Canada Goose Online EDIT: So I thought I had figured out a way that it could work out that the team that lost to the 4 team could end up 2, but it doesn work out. to change it so WVU gets 1, they would had to have beaten ISU, which means ISU would have been changed to win over OU, and they get the tiebreaker for 2. Canada Goose Online

canada goose uk shop In canada goose outlet ontario the end, whoever lost to the 4 team would end up as the odd team out, and whether the process is applied once or twice is irrelevant in this situation. canada goose uk shop

Overall length of 50:32 according to MTGArena Pro

canada goose clearance First [[Ajani Pridemate]] got bolted early, second grew out of control shortly after the first died, third one slipped past my attention about halfway (literally held the shock for 8 turns waiting for it, whoops), fourth one was in the bottom 10 cards. canada goose clearance

uk canada goose Had to navigate 3 or 4 [[Luminous Bonds]] and 2 [[Heiromancer Cage]] on my [[Rekindling Phoenix]], fortunately I had Lightning Strikes or Wzard canada goose parka outlet Lightnings available to keep the birds alive. uk canada goose

buy canada goose jacket Guest appearances canada goose outlet kokemuksia by https://www.yokosukabase.com [[Evra, Halcyon Witness]] cheap canada goose (who eventually died to double Chainwhirler block) and [[Resplendent Angel]] (who died to double phoenix + lightning strike before she could spawn an angel) buy canada goose jacket

At one point the game came down to a single turn I basically needed to rip an [[Experimental Frenzy]] and then pull 3 or 4 good cards off it in a single turn, and fortunately I did. From there, it was a nerve wracking, ability resolving mess of making sure not to misclick once or accidentally « F6 » through canada goose outlet in chicago a block. Fun times, eugh.

buy canada goose jacket cheap IF the instructors at West Point feel the perpetrators are properly remorseful and understand that canada goose stockists uk they fucked up, and if they don already have a history of pulling shit like this, I don think they should be kicked out. canada goose outlet store uk Punished, certainly, but not removed. buy canada goose jacket cheap

These cadets just learned a sobering lesson on the consequences of their actions and ignorance. I doubt anyone believes they wanted to injure the bird; the article states that stealing mascots is a tradition between the two universities. They « just » didn realize how bad it was to put a falcon in a dog cage, because why would they? That not something they would be taught in officer training. However, that Ignorance almost killed another living being. Their rash actions had potentially dire consequences, but that is not unique to pranks gone bad.

If they can internalize this lesson, that is very important quality in a Leader. We expect our officers to be confident in their command, but we need them to understand the dangers of their ignorance. A bad choice, a rash decision, failing to heed the warnings of a trained subordinate, these can end lives. If these cadets can truly grok this lesson, at the cost of a temporary injury to a Falcon, that a cheap price.

Then again, I just a football fan waxing poetic about philosophy.

Maybe that is overly optimistic, and the army expects them canada goose outlet locations in toronto to have already figured this out. It would be a shame for a bright future to be ruined because of this, though.

canada goose coats on sale It used to be that they needed the continuous power of the dam to supply energy. These days much of California produces so much personal home solar energy that the demand on the utility is 0 during much of the day. People houses are feeding the grid and providing enough energy to even cover all the houses without solar. canada goose coats on sale

See the duck curve to learn more.

As a result, what needed isn a continuous power source like a nuclear power plant, but something that can be turned on at nights and on the rare occasions when the sun isn shining. Ideally, they also want to use the « free » power during the canada goose jacket outlet daylight.

Pumped hydroelectric lets them use the more or less free power during the day to pump water into the reservoir, and then release it at night when the sun is sleeping.

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The problem is that the reservoir has already been suffering from a decades long steady drain due to the water needs of the cities downstream versus the incoming supply. More water is being drained out of the lake than collects in it. Even if that water isn getting put through turbines, they still need to let so many gallons through. Where are they going to get extra water from to pump up back into the reservoir?

canada goose coats Historical Water Levels: The Lake hasn been at « average » levels in 16 years, and has spent over 9 of the last 10 years in « Drought » levels. The last 4 years it has bounced off of « shortage level 1 » which automatically triggers emergency responses agreed upon by the seven states that depend on the water. And they want to spend 3 billion dollars to INCREASE the water demand? canada goose coats

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Drive 1: Drove 9 yards and lost four because of an canada goose outlet toronto address illegal penalty that threw off their motion. Could have picked up the 1st Down if they went for it on 4th Down.

canada goose store First, they didn drive for 9 yards and lose it to a penalty. They lost 4, and also got a penalty called for illegal motion (that was declined). canada goose store

Second, I just want to make sure we on the same page here. Up to this point in the game, Army had run the ball 40 times. 4 of those were for 9 or more yards. Are you seriously suggesting Army should have gone for 4th and 9 from their own 26 yard line? On what basis?

Drive 3: Army decided to throw for some outlandish reason and it bounced off their players head, resulting in an INT.