She had until January 17 to complete her goal which she reached

Dani Mathers, 31, was given 240 hoursof graffiti removal and is now on probation for three years.She had until January 17 to complete her goal which she reached by the skin of her teeth with just hours to go before the deadline passed.Had she failed to reach her target set by the court, she would have faced 45 days jail.’She thought it was a good experience. She felt it was a good way to try to make amends for what happened here with her terrible mistake in judgment,’ her lawyer. Dana Cole, told the Daily News.Mathers decided to take a plea deal and carry out community service instead of having to serve 45 days behind bars afterfor the picture that she posted on her social media and proceeded to fat shame.’If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either,’ she said in the highly criticized picture that was posted on Snapchat in July 2016.’There is no doubt I regret that stupid choice,’ the 2015 Playmate of the Year told US Weeklyin June.’I am sorry that it happened to this woman.

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