In October 1994, five year old Silje Raedergard was attacked

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Meanwhile, just across the North Sea, a similar murder case has proceeded very differently in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. In October 1994, five year old Silje Raedergard was attacked by two six year old boys, who left her dying in the snow. The names of Raedergard young assailants were never revealed in the Norwegian press, and neither boy was prosecuted..

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Multiple folds were empty and multiple other folds appeared to be full of what court records said was « suspected controlled dangerous substance, » court records said.According to court documents, on May 4, Ward used Uber to travel to and from Budd Lake, where Jackson lives in an apartment at Eagle Rock Village.A cooperating witness, reports show, admitted to introducingWard to Jackson in April and that both hadpurchased drugs from Jackson. The witness whose name and gender were not identified in court records also told police Ward and Jackson exchanged phone numbers in April. Phone records showWard was in phone contact with Jackson eight times the day they met in April, court records said.The cooperating witness also bought heroin from Jackson in Budd Lake the same week Ward fatally overdosed, records show.

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