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canada goose uk shop Well, it is my understanding that the wolfdales have a different type of thermal diodes(or orientation?) and that canada goose outlet woodbury this may be leading to erroneous readouts in thermal utilities. I canada goose jacket outlet originally had the stock HSF on but I grabbed up an older D series HSF from an intel box (copper core, taller fin array) and canada goose outlet houston especially at idle, I don’t think it’ll get much cooler than 24C via ET5(it’s actually colder than what is reported on the sytem temp) this sink is cooler to the touch than the sink on my NB. With my side off and house fan running on cpu as well as the 2 80mm fans that I have running inside the case, my temp is running around 59 60 when canada goose outlet website legit browsing web and encoding for example. canada goose uk shop

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