Before playing for the Chiefs

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wholesale jerseys from china Kareem Hunt burst onto the scene as a rookie for the Kansas City Chiefs and is making his mark on the team as he dominated in his first game against the Patriots. Before playing for the Chiefs, Hunt played college football at the University of Toledo where he established himself as the go to running back and earned a reputation of never fumbling. Although he debuted with a fumble on his first carry, he made that up with 3 touchdowns and about 250 yards from scrimmage (the most ever in an NFL debut). wholesale jerseys from china

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wholesale jerseys from china Derek Mays is the odds on favorite to begin the season as the Broncos starting middle linebacker. Even though the Broncos drafted middle linebacker Nate Irving in the third round, the lack of offseason workouts and perhaps a shortened training camp will make it near impossible for the North Carolina State product to start Week 1. The in the 4 3 serves as the defensive captain wholesale jerseys from china.